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      After 25 years of service as a teacher at Laurel Oaks in Wilmington, Ohio and 5

years as an English professor at the University Of Cincinnati, the now retired

educator has decided to continue his life of  service as a state official.
      Born in Kentucky, but raised in Hillsboro, his parents, George and Norma Boone
instilled within him certain concepts of right and wrong. Common Sense was a
huge topic his father, George, taught him at every opportunity. Fairness and
honesty are hallmarks of his seeking to be a public official. As a father of six
children and grandfather of thirteen, he hopes he was able to pass this wisdom on
to his family.
      As to be expected, the subject of Education is near and dear to his heart. “After
all my years as a teacher, I know exactly what is needed. Nobody could possibly
be as close to and aware of what is needed to help make the system better. That
will be one of my primary goals!”
      Boone is learning all he can about solar farms. Relatives from his mother’s side of
the family still till acreage in Brown County they have farmed for over one-
hundred years. He is aware of the advent of Solar Farms popping up all over
Highland and Brown Counties. He sees there are many pros and cons in regard to

this new phenomenon. He is leery of new legislation; however, he believes there
is a need to limit the number of farming acres devoted to solar.
      Boone believes the strength of our democracy is in the middle class. He thinks
politicians should always be aware of that. He believes, however, that once they
get in office, many of these politicos forget where they came from. He is not a
career politician and plans to do all the good he can by reducing taxes on the
majority and striving to keep the cost of living in check. And by doing this he
would be constantly pursuing ways to create jobs where that issue has been
neglected for years.
      Boone built the original Subway in Hillsboro. He owned Georgio’s Pizza and a
convenience store. He knows business. He believes in increasing the minimum
wage. He considers himself a devoted friend of the farmer. One of his sons
worked in coal mines and he understands the problems faced in the mines.
Another son recently retired from the Marine Corps as a Sergeant-Major, the
highest grade achievable for an enlisted man. Another son has worked in the
home construction business in Highland County. And another son has a Tower
Telecommunications business. Boone himself has worked many jobs as a laborer
before he became a teacher. He knows the pains of the working man. He
considers himself a champion of the People.

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