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If putting an honest, hard-working, for the people Democratic Senator back into office is on your list of to-do's this Election, Garry Boone is the man for you. With your support, be it a quarter to $1000, any donation would help us get our message out to your community and a few more votes closer to getting Garry Boone into office and serving you, the people of District 17. Would you like to help support the Boone for Ohio State Senator-District 17- Campaign? 


Who Am I?

     After 25 years of service as a teacher at Laurel Oaks in Wilmington, Ohio and 5 years as an English professor at the University Of Cincinnati, the now retired educator has decided to continue his life of service as a state official.
     Born in Kentucky, but raised in Hillsboro, his parents, George and Norma Boone instilled


Garry Boone- Ohio State Senator Candidate



For all of the latest events and updates on the
Garry Boone for Ohio Senate District 17 Campaign...
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